Scott & Jenny Sneak-Peek| Old Town Alexandria

Very excited to start editing and processing this wedding! So excited, in fact, I had to jump right in and post a brief sneak-peek. Congrats, Scott and Jenny! As a side note, this was the first wedding I shot completely with a mirrorless system. It went off without a hitch. I really do believe my…

Helen & Andi, Family Session

Had a great family session with Helen, Andi, Atlas, and their soon-to-be born daughter, Evi! Also, happy (almost) 1st birthday, Atlas! The Atlas Theater in Washington DC made a nice backdrop for this photogenic little gal. #maternityphotos #atlastheater

Science March DC 2018

Some photos from this years’ Science March in Washington DC. #sciencemarch #sciencemarchdc #dcsciencemarch #marchforscience #marchforsciencedc #sciencemarch2018 #moremitosislessdivision  

7Artisans 25mm vs. Rokinon 21mm

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional reviewer, nor am I trying to be one. Just someone who felt compelled to share information on these two lenses. Over the years, I’ve noticed quite a few “cheap” third-party lenses pop up on Amazon and eBay. I’m sure you’ve seen them: 7Artisans, Meike, Jaray, Rokinon, Samyang and Yongnuo are…

March For Our Lives

Some photos from the March For Our Lives rally in Washington, DC. March 24, 2018. #marchforourlives #enough #whywemarch #neveragain #marchforourlivesdc

Women’s March 2018

Only a few photos this time around… #womensmarch2018 #womensmarchdc #powertothepolls


Some photos from a very brief weekend trip to Montreal. You have a spectacular city there, Canada.

H Street

Anyone who has walked along H Street in Northeast Washington, D.C. will know it’s a very special part of The District. Gentrification has changed it dramatically over the past several years, though it feels like a melting pot of many different walks of life.

A look at 50mm’s and the Sony a7

About 4 years ago, Sony introduced a camera model that seemingly shook the photography world: the full-frame a7. Maybe that statement is soaked in a bit of hyperbole. Maybe not. I’m not here to argue the point either way. Anywho, I decided to buy the original Sony a7 in December 2013, along with a Voigtlander…

A Quick Trip to Europe

My wife and I took advantage of cheap airfare to Amsterdam, with the opportunity to visit my sister in Brussels. By the time the jetlag wore off, it was time to fly back home. But! It was well worth it, and we got to see some great sights. Roman ruins in Bavay, France. A castle…

Peoples Climate March

Some photos from the Peoples Climate March in Washington D.C. 4/29/2017. Also the 100 day mark of Donald Trump’s presidency. All photos are © Johnathan Comer; commissioned by Progressive Magazine. Not to be used or downloaded witout express consent. #whitehallmi #gayprotester #standingrock #climatemarch #leicam8

March for Science D.C. (Earth Day 2017)

Some photos from the March for Science in Washington D.C. It was a soggy (Earth) day, but still a good turnout. Bill Nye the Science Guy was there, too. #trumptweetslikeabitch #marchforscience #thereisnoplanetb #madscientist