7Artisans 25mm vs. Rokinon 21mm

Disclaimer: I'm not a professional reviewer, nor am I trying to be one. Just someone who felt compelled to share information on these two lenses. Over the years, I've noticed quite a few "cheap" third-party lenses pop up on Amazon and eBay. I'm sure you've seen them: 7Artisans, Meike, Jaray, Rokinon, Samyang and Yongnuo are … Continue reading 7Artisans 25mm vs. Rokinon 21mm


A look at 50mm’s and the Sony a7

About 4 years ago, Sony introduced a camera model that seemingly shook the photography world: the full-frame a7. Maybe that statement is soaked in a bit of hyperbole. Maybe not. I'm not here to argue the point either way. Anywho, I decided to buy the original Sony a7 in December 2013, along with a Voigtlander … Continue reading A look at 50mm’s and the Sony a7